Oktoberfest Map (GPS)

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As essential as the Lonely Planet for backpackers, the Hitchhiker's Guide for Ford Prefect and a seamap for Pirates, so is this little app for every Oktoberfest visitor.

This app is developed by an experienced Oktoberfest-goer and will help you to enjoy your visit at the Oktoberfest. Read further to see how.

You can see a zoomable map of the Oktoberfest (Wiesn) Festival Area in Munich showing streetnames and all other essential informations that you will need, like where to get money, beer and how to get to the metro, tram, sbahn or cab to get home.

You can save your HOME GPS coordinates in the app and later in the evening you can tell the app to show your home location in Google Maps, or if you want to walk, the app will show you the root to your home location in Google Maps. (This feature needs Google Maps installed.)

You can also locate yourself via GPS in the festival area, just for the case that you have lost your orientation. Happens to the best.

You can send your location information via sms and email to a friend, so you both can meet. If your friend has an Android phone or is on a PC, he will be able to open Google Maps and locate you easily. He does NOT need to have this app.

But now the most important feature: you can tell the app to open Google Maps with the fastest route from your current location to the Oktober Fest. If this is not esssential, I don't know what is.

DON'T PANIC - This app is your towel for the Wiesn'

【免費生活App】Oktoberfest Map (GPS)-APP點子

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