Old Paradians/St Damians

【免費運動App】Old Paradians/St Damians-APP點子

Stay in the loop with the Old Paradians/St Damians Football Club Android App!

The Old Paradians Amateur Football Club participates in the Victorian Amateur Football Association and play other amateur and university clubs in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

The St Damians Junior Football Club participates in the Yarra Junior Football League and have a variety of age groups who compete weekly.

Because of the Junior/Senior alignment of the clubs, we have released a combined app to stay in touch with all of the junior and senior results. To switch clubs, simply tap the club button in the top left of the app and select either Old Paradians or St Damains.

The Old Paradians/St Damians Football Club App has been designed to communicate with friends, family, members and players of the club, keeping you up to date with all the latest news, scores, ladders and functions from the club.


- NEWS: Urgent news and reminders sent directly from the committee.

【免費運動App】Old Paradians/St Damians-APP點子

- SEASON: Results and fixtures for every grade for the entire season.

- LADDER: Competition ladders for all grades.

【免費運動App】Old Paradians/St Damians-APP點子

- FUNCTIONS: All vital information regarding club functions and events.

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