Old School 105.7

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Old School 105.7 is Las Vegas Valley’s station playing your favorite back-in-the-day hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s! Hear and interact with the artists and songs that you love. With the latest version of the Old School 105.7 iRadioNow app, you can connect to the Motown sound like never before.

Just download and open your Old School 105.7 iRadioNow app to get a live feed of what’s playing, and everything else that’s played over the past couple of hours on Old School 105.7. Listen to and connect with your favorite hosts, including Candy & Zenja in the Morning and Connie Breeze. You can tap an item in the feed for details. Then, interact with great features like:

Rate and discover music

【免費音樂App】Old School 105.7-APP點子

Exclusive offers and deals

【免費音樂App】Old School 105.7-APP點子

Social posts

【免費音樂App】Old School 105.7-APP點子

Contests and giveaways

And more

You decide when you want to listen, and when you want to browse by turning the live stream on or off within the app. Get what you want off the radio with the latest Old School 105.7 iRadioNow app.

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