Now runs on earlier devices running Windows Phone 8.0 (not 7.x). This app is designed to be read with another person. (Hence the name, One2One.) Part of following God involves walking with other people who follow Him as well. We all need people in our lives who will speak to us about God and encourage us as we follow Him. This process is called discipleship.

If you’re sharing this app with someone, then you’re helping that person become a disciple. And if you’re going through this book for the first time, we’d like you to believe that one day, God will use you too to help make disciples of other people. We hope that this booklet helps you to get the right start in your walk with God.





-Flipping Tiles (you must pin the app in the Start Screen in Wide size)

-Campus Edition of One2One!

-Read Aloud- let Cortana read the Chapter for you!


-Facebook updates

-Instagram feeds through #VictoryPH hashtag

-Video Updates and watch it in the app!


-Guide Questions

-Many more to come!


This is not an Official App from Every Nation, this is just created during my spare time, if you have any question, comments, issues, feel free to contact me. I'm a student and needs resources for making great apps. This is my first app for Windows Phone and I want to thank you for your support.

Version Initial Release.

Version Bug Fixes


Version Bug Fixes for layout. Now each chapter is divided into sub parts for easy reading!

Version Now compatible for older devices running 8.0! This version is for Windows Phone 8.0 only.


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