Find and merge duplicated contacts in the address book of your iOS device!

OneContact performs a fast, easy, and automated scan of your address book, looking for duplicated contacts. It rapidly executes a search and returns potential matches, all of which can be easily merged later on. Backups are also easy with OneContact. You can create a backup of your address book and restore original contacts if needed.

While other duplicate removal apps can only find exact matches, OneContact is also able to detect fuzzy matches, such as “Frederick Jackson” and “Jakson Fredrick”. OneContact uses cutting-edge algorithms, such as Jaro-Winkler distance, Sorted Neighborhood, and Floyd-Warshall algorithms. These algorithms were fine-tuned by the experienced Information Systems Group at Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam.



• Thorough elimination of all duplicates: finds all duplicates, using cutting-edge algorithms


• Efficiency: rapid scanning of your entire address book (3,000 contacts in 3 minutes)

• Simple merging: inspect fuzzy matches and select the attributes you want to be merged into a single contact

• Ease of use: no configuration needed

• Loss protection: backup and restore your address book


• Offline and local: no data is uploaded to any server and your contacts stay private on your device


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