OneTouch UltraMini Auto Logger

【免費醫療App】OneTouch UltraMini Auto Logger-APP點子

This application is a MUST HAVE if you use the OneTouch UltraMini meter to test your blood glucose.

With this new tool, you can automatically download glucose test readings from your meter- no need to enter multiple glucose values by hand anymore!

In addition, you can use our affordable and scalable solution to download and share your blood sugar level test results (as a file or email).

Do you have children or elderly parents with diabetes? Now you can check their sugar level while they are not home, remotely.

Requires LifeScan OneTouch UltraMini meter and meter USB data cable. (See below)


- Plug & Play functionality for your blood glucose meter

- Automatic data download of new test data from your device

- Displays the data in text form

【免費醫療App】OneTouch UltraMini Auto Logger-APP點子

- Data redundancy checks

- Exports to CSV file (in downloads folder)


Not a designed for diabetes diagnosis. This applications is a digital data logbook only.


Export currently overwrites the previously exported file. Rename the exported file, if you want to keep it, before exporting again.


- Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch UltraMini - a blood glucose monitoring device for people with diabetes. It is popular world wide, because it is small, cheap and fast.

- Requires a Lifescan USB data cable (or compatible), visit LifeScan or buy online via Amazon (

- Requires an OTG micro USB to USB dongle, visit for more info about purchasing online.

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【免費醫療App】OneTouch UltraMini Auto Logger-APP點子

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Actionable health data can reduce mistakes in patient’s treatment thus reducing emergency room visits, resulting in lower costs and better patient outcomes. We help people with diabetes track their blood sugar levels, and relate the information to those who care for them- including family, caregivers and doctors. Our solution works with glucose meters millions of diabetes patients use today. Our software allows patients to quickly download blood sugar level data from their personal medical meters to their mobile phone. If you want to enable meter connectivity for your patients or in inside your service visit or reach out We have an easy to use solution for our partners.

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