Onet Kid Puzzle

【免費解謎App】Onet Kid Puzzle-APP點子

Onet Kid Puzzle has become the first choice for a leisurely puzzle classic game.

How To Play :

【免費解謎App】Onet Kid Puzzle-APP點子

Click matching icons to clear them from the board before time's up. You must pick matching pairs that are not diagonally touching, but side to side or on top of each other. (This is a good way to introduce your little ones to the concept of “beside” and “on top” and “on bottom”). The matches don’t have to be touching to be matched, but be able to be linked with a straight line or lines. When you make a match the game will show you the link in green. If your little ones need help they can press the FIND button up to 3 times each round and it will show them matches, and they can also press the REFRESH button to shuffle the tiles around so they can have different link choices.

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【免費解謎App】Onet Kid Puzzle-APP點子

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