Operative Outlines: Surgery

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Operative Outlines: General Surgery

Operations in your pocket! A must have for any surgeon, resident, medical student, or physician's assistant!

Detailed descriptions of 75 operations commonly performed by general surgeons. Included is indications, key steps, and complications of the operations. Great for preoperative preparation, for dictation purposes to recall the key steps of the operation, or for ABSITE review! Key steps include variations, ie. 'stapled vs. sutured anastomosis' to incorporate physician preference. These operations can be searched easily with the search function, or can be browsed by alphabetical order, or by categories!

Categories include:





-Head and Neck

【免費醫療App】Operative Outlines: Surgery-APP點子





-Small Intestine

【免費醫療App】Operative Outlines: Surgery-APP點子


-Stomach and Duodenum

Plans to include anatomy of the operations in the future (if open source anatomy drawings can be found), add a notes section with area to leave notes for yourself, add a favorites section, and include more operations.

Please feel free to email me at any time with questions, concerns, or operations or features that you would like to see added.

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