OptHub BrandMail

【免費購物App】OptHub BrandMail-APP點子

Change the way you receive brand generated emails today... in a beautiful new visual way.

Search, Explore, Share and Shop the brands you love without using your email or email inbox!


【免費購物App】OptHub BrandMail-APP點子

• Delivers and displays brand content in a beautiful new visual way

• Provides a convenient way to Search, Explore, Share, and Shop your favorite brands

【免費購物App】OptHub BrandMail-APP點子

• Exposes you to new brands

• Allows you to comment on and share your favorite brand emails

【免費購物App】OptHub BrandMail-APP點子

• Puts an end to providing your email address and personal information in order to receive brand generated emails

• Eliminates the traditional email in-box

OptHub provides a convenient hub for all of your brand emails, making it easy to opt-in and opt-out!

OptHub... Revolutionizing Brand Email

【免費購物App】OptHub BrandMail-APP點子

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