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This app is highly recommended for any of us who deal with SQL. Do you know there are so many SQL functions that are available out of the box, and we need to write them again? Many times, because of our lack of knowledge we end up writing functions for our database which are already implemented by the database.I think one of the key reason is that we do not have easy access to the information. It is time consuming to read thru all those tons of manuals or thick Oracle SQL books. Or surfing the web that has tons of pages.This app comes with an easy to use search interface, where typing a few letters would result into matching oracle sql functions. This app is highly recommended for anyone who is in the IT industry. The person can be either a Developer, DBA, tester, BA, manager or even a student learning databases.Always look on new updates where we add more and more few functions.

【免費教育App】Oracle Functions-APP點子

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