Orbit Simulator

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

With just the use of your fingers and the accelerometer, you can simulate the laws of gravity and:

- Create planets

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Launch asteroids into orbit

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Change gravity physics

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Activate collisions

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Use Earth's attraction

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- See trails

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Remove walls of the simulator

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Take a picture

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Make elements merge, collide or orbit

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Leave the screen empty to start screensaver mode

【免費教育App】Orbit Simulator-APP點子

- Share your creations in our fan-art gallery!

Gravity Plaground is an orbit simulator. This is what some users have said:

*****Great stuff Can trip on this for hours, job well done

*****You can spend hours with it

*****This game is awesome

*****A fun and simple little app that will keep your imagination running! It's great for little kids and artists looking for abstract inspiration. It's like you're creating your own little solar system. And there are many options to customize your solar system such as gravity options,rotation,speed and much more! I love this app and I recommend this app to anybody looking for some simple entertainment!

*****it is awesome merge all the planets together u get a star

*****so much fun messing with the orbits

*****Yeah, really. A grade 1 student likes it. I recommend it. useful for students, researching about Gravity.

*****I guess you can say its ballin'

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