Organized Pro for Mobiles

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

The first Theocratic Suite for Android. This suite is devoted to research, study, and field ministry activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. This project started over a year ago when it became apparent that a full theocratic suite for Android had not yet been developed. This is the result of those 3 basic projects combined into one great app to use at meetings and in the ministry. A media player (audio and video) is included to view encouraging videos from or listen to the recommended Bible reading for the week.

The integrations of iSilo will allow on demand research of various spiritual topics. These can be chosen and opened from inside "Organized". In order to open pdf and epub files, an application for each must be installed on your device. Neosoar eBook Reader has been found to open both epub and pdf files. Moon Reader Pro, ezPDF Reader Pro, Adobe Reader, and Foxit PDF Reader are a few of the preferred apps that work with "Organized".

The goal of this project is to provide a full suite of theocratic productivity tools. This project is ongoing, so added features are on the horizon. Thank you for taking the time to consider this app and we hope that it is spiritually beneficial for you!

With a Full Measure of Christian Love,

Rival Technologies, LLC

dba Luton Solutions, LLC

Required Applications: (All the following apps can be accessed from within "Organized")

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

Google Calendar


Color Dictionary (ColorDict)

File Explorer (Astro or ES File Explorer work the best)

Handy Note Pro


Version 33

• Audio notifications in app can be silenced in Settings.

Version 25-32

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

• Updated Presentations and Videos

• Optimized for tablet viewing.

• RSS integration (w/ Organized RSS Reader:

• First Menu item devoted to WTLib for iSilo (Shortcut).

• Utilities that use Wi-Fi are deactivated when Wi-Fi is not available.

• S-Note integration for the Samsung Galaxy Note family of devices.

Version 22-24

• Revised Study icon now opens the WTLib iSilo file after being chosen and saved.

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

• Revised settings page now includes a simple glossary for menu icons.

• “Open a file option” now supports automatic opening of video and audio files.

Version 20-22

• Added New Videos for Streaming

• Added Titles to “Sing With Us” Selection

• Pdf, epub, or pdb file will automatically open after being chosen with Ministry button

• Bug Fix: File name and location displayed correctly

• Bug Fix: Handy Note Pro notebook view opened to allow for notebook choice or creation

Version 16-19

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

• "Open a blank notebook page in Handy Note" option added to Ministry button click.

• "Choose a file" option added to Ministry button click.

• Monthly Presentations added to DTD screen. (Last button on the right)

Version 13-15

• “Settings” button added to top row.

• Shortcuts added to iSilo/Study button (User customized).

• In Media Player or Watchtower Online Library screens, holding the Settings button will cause Full screen.

• On Ministry screen, all AnCal Calendar options have been replaced by Google Calendar options, (Google Calendar Sync!!!) and the “Save” button can be used to back up your calendar database to your device.

Hold the Voice Notes button adn use these ques to start different activities:


【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

• Study- Utility Options

• Research- WOL Options

• Ministry- Door 2 Door Options

• Media- Video/Audio Player Options

• Voice Notes- Voice Note Options

• Search- Definition Option

• Settings- Settings Options

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

• Look Up- iSilo Library Options

• Where?- Current Location

• Report- Current Field Ministry Statistics

• Library- JW Library

【免費教育App】Organized Pro for Mobiles-APP點子

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