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It’s happened to all of us. You’re lying in bed and have screen auto-rotation on, and as soon as you open an up on your home screen, the screen turns sideways. Yes, we know we can turn off the auto-rotation in the settings, or change the position of the phone until the text is upright once more, but we’re a lazy people, in a lazy generation aided by technology, and if there’s an app for something, then problem fixed. Samantha, XDA-Developers.

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【免費工具App】OrientationLocker - PRO-APP點子

'OrientationLocker' enables you to toggle the Auto-rotate mechanism EASILY.

Each time you change the screen orientation without any need of pulling down the status bar, going to settings or using external application.

Each time you rotate your phone, the lock symbol will appear and by a single click you will be able to choose whether you want your screen to rotate or not !

The app uses several permissions, all in order to be as much effective as possible (for example, getting call information so it will not pop up during a ring or a call).

• Donation version enables setting symbol Opacity and location offset, but please try the free version to make sure everything is as expected.

=== Please uninstall normal version and restart before installing this version ===

Have fun.

Note! - This app will NOT lock your screen permanently in any orientation, it only uses the Android auto-rotate mechanism in order to control the screen orientation !


【免費工具App】OrientationLocker - PRO-APP點子

• Fixed bug where sometimes the symbol didn't disappear.


• [DONATION VER] Added slider for symbol timeout (2 - 10 seconds)

• [DONATION VER] Added option for transparent notification icon.

• Fixed minor bugs.

【免費工具App】OrientationLocker - PRO-APP點子

• Removed some log entries.


• Fixed the bug where app sometimes crashes.


• Fixed app not starting on boot.

【免費工具App】OrientationLocker - PRO-APP點子

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