Orientator is a companion app for BoinxTV on the Mac that allows you to remotely control 3D Objects in various BoinxTV Layers. It is also useful standalone if you want to look at the read-outs for some of the sensors in an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, which are displayed on the device screen when the app is running.Orientator reads out the values for device orientation (Pitch, Roll, Yaw), the gyroscope (x,y,z), the accelerometer (x,y,z), location (latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy), magnetometer (heading, accuracy) and the values for orientation (device, interface). It displays them on the display of your device and when connected transmits them over WiFi to BoinxTV running on your Mac where you can use the information to control several Layers.On iPad 2 you can also activate a Camera Out mode where the iPad back camera is displayed in fullscreen on the device. Using an adapter such as the Apple VGA Adapter or Digital AV Adapter and appropriate Mac hardware you can then inject the video signal as additional camera. The video of that camera can then be motion stabilized and lots more using the device motion data.Here are some cool things you can do with Orientator:- Make demo and training videos for iPhone and iPad apps that use the orientation of the device. See the Orientator web page for more details.- Record a guided tour video using the location and magnetometer data to visualize your location on a map in BoinxTV while recording your video.- Create a 3D object layer for BoinxTV and manipulate it on the screen in real time.- Just watch how your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad senses it's location, motion and orientation.For even more cool stuff, go to the Product Web Site linked below.


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