OurThirdEye is designed to crowdsource vision and care for the visually impaired through micro-volunteering. With the app, anyone, anywhere, anytime can become a volunteer, and connect to and help the visually handicapped in just seconds. So now, whether you are travelling on the bus, standing in line at the bank, or waiting for an office meeting to start, you can be helping someone less fortunate too. - Using the accessibility voiceover feature, a visually handicapped individual can easily take a picture of anything. - The picture is then shared with micro-volunteers in real-time. - Volunteers can reply to the image and tell the visually handicapped individual what they see from wherever they are, making volunteering easy, effortless and instant. - The replies are then converted from text to speech for the visually handicapped individual. - Download the app, be a micro-volunteer, change someone’s life.

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