Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

The Pro version contains tests up to HSK Level 6 plus more thematic levels.

* The first app to use handwriting recognition and speech recognition for teaching Mandarin.

* Memorise characters using your motor memory... by DRAWING them!

* Learn correct pronunciation with ASR (speech recognition) and TTS (speech synthesis).

* Test your pronunciation of Chinese words including tone.

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

* Asks you to speak complex sentences, listens to your pronunciation and tells you if it was correct.

* Draw characters stroke by stroke and the handwriting recognition will recognise them.

* Informs you if you have pronounced a word correctly and if not, what it sounded like (pinyin and character).

* Uses proprietary linguistic algorithm for tolerance of learner’s accent.

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

* Both traditional and simplified Hanzi characters.

* Based on the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) levels for Chinese language proficiency.

* Also subject specific test modules such as large compound numbers (including financial numbering system), festivals, business vocabulary and much more.

* No ineffective flashcards... the only way to learn to READ and WRITE Chinese is by practicing DRAWING the characters.

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

* Lets you view which characters you’ve learnt and share your performance with friends.

* Allows you to copy characters, share on Facebook or even send to your favourite Chinese dictionary app such as Pleco!


* Your phone should support Chinese character handwriting recognition (Chinese input method). If it's not already there you can enable it by searching Play Store for Google Pinyin Input and installing it.

* If it's already on your phone you can find it under Settings -> Language & Input -> Keyboard & Input Methods if you look for Chinese or Pinyin.

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

* Your phone should also support Mandarin Chinese ASR and TTS. For newer Android phones this comes as standard wherever you are in the world.

The free version (higher levels disabled) is available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thomas_wood.charactertrainer.

【免費教育App】Oxford Chinese Tutor Pro-APP點子

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