PELP (Panic Help)

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Q: What is PELP (aka Panic Help)

A: The system was designed to be a Panic Button for emergency situations that uses data technology.

Q: What if I have a bad connection?

A: PELP uses advanced technology that only requires a little data from you in an emergency situation and that

Q: Can we use it in our residential or commercial complex?

【免費通訊App】PELP (Panic Help)-APP點子

A: That is why PELP was originally designed. In a complex setup the guard house has a tablet or phone any low cost devices that support PELP will do. It is then permanently mounted to the wall and registered with an email address. That email is then given to all residents. They in turn add that user as a friend and that will. When they have an emergency they simply press Panic Help and the guard house will we alerted and a guard will come assist them. Remember to add your unit number in the “Personal Details” settings of the App

Q: Where do I start?

A: The systems uses Friends, you simply add a Friend using their email address and then they automatically get alerts when you are in need

Q: How do I add friends?

A: Simply click the “Friends” Button under the “Panic Help” button, enter your friends email address and click “Add Friend”

Q: Does my friends have to be using PELP

【免費通訊App】PELP (Panic Help)-APP點子

A: While we encourage that, they don’t have to be, when you send an alert they will get an alert email

Q: What is Public Help?

A: This revolutionary new feature is activated by going to Settings, then clicking “Activate Public Help?” with your GPS on your device enabled. This saves your location. Now when you have an emergency the system will search for anyone that activated within 2kilometer of you and will also send them an alert.

Q: How do I change my message that is sent out

A: Go to Settings, then click “Personal Details” and enter all your details. You can also change the Panic Message but entering it is “Customer Panic Message” field in Settings and clicking “Save Panic Message”

Q: How do I stop receiving messages from certain friends?

【免費通訊App】PELP (Panic Help)-APP點子

A: Go to “Settings”, then “Friend List”, then untick the item in the “Receiver” column next to their email

Q: How do I stop sending messages to certain friends?

A: Go to “Settings”, then “Friend List”, then untick the item in the “Send” column next to their email

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【免費通訊App】PELP (Panic Help)-APP點子

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