PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems

【免費商業App】PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems-APP點子

This application enables you to quickly access your Hunter-Pro Series or Captain 8 intruder alarm system, arm or disarm it, see the status of the zones and turn on and off appliances.


By using PIMA app you can:

− Fully arm or disarm your alarm system or arm it to the HOME partial arming modes

【免費商業App】PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems-APP點子

− See the zones status: open, bypassed, alarmed

【免費商業App】PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems-APP點子

− See the detailed event log (memory)

【免費商業App】PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems-APP點子

− Turn ON/OFF any home appliance connected to the system such as spotlights, gates, heaters, etc., ask your installer for details.


Please note, it is required to use the Master code and not user codes in order to connect to the alarm system using this app.

【免費商業App】PIMA Intruder Alarm Systems-APP點子

If you have any question regarding PIMA app, please contact your installer.


PIMA Electronic Systems Ltd.

PIMA Electronic Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of cost-effective intruder alarm systems. Its portfolio of high-quality wired, hybrid, and wireless alarm systems ranges from small economic systems to advanced multi-zone ones.

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