PRO Pronunciation Checker

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Check your pronunciation now with PRO Pronunciation Checker, the ultimate pronunciation software for android!

This checker allows you to input a word, listen to the correct pronunciation, and then practice your pronunciation until you have it down. This incredible pronunciation test will get you pronouncing your words words in no time!

Use the auto load function to auto load a random word or just test pronunciation quickly from over 30000 multilingual words. Including: English, French, German, Spanish.

【免費教育App】PRO Pronunciation Checker-APP點子

Test the apps stats page and our various graphs to view tons of stats. Gauge your progress over time!

This is the most advanced FREE pronunciation checker for android!

【免費教育App】PRO Pronunciation Checker-APP點子

Unlike other apps, our app comes with all the packages you need to start checking you pronunciation in any language...get ready to take your vacation with the perfect pronunciation!

Want a great Pronunciation app for a class? This app is ideal for teachers as well as students! Check how you are pronouncing every word from "test" to "pituitary" to get ready for your presentation!pronouncing their words over time.

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