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Life isn’t complicated when you have a pocket full of wisdom to serve as your guide.

Add wisdom to your pocket today. Empower yourself for a lifetime.

【免費健康App】PW Principles-APP點子

Whether you’re seeking insight into understanding self, others or the world, you’ll love the beauty and simplicity of Pocket Wisdom Principles for Windows Phone 7... Always at the tip of your fingers.

【免費健康App】PW Principles-APP點子

“…It's like everything I've learned over the last 16 years all summed up in a way I have not seen before.” Laurie

“… You can experience life the way it is intended. This is an experience that I wish every living person could encounter.” Ed

【免費健康App】PW Principles-APP點子

Pocket Wisdom Principles Integrates ageless principles dating back to the beginning of time. Bringing together the best of proven principles from Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Education, Scientist and Theology, universal life principles are shared through the journey of a wise old man.

【免費健康App】PW Principles-APP點子

Pocket Wisdom Principles presents life as a process of discovery.

Principle Concepts:

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• Inequality to... Equality

• Closed Minded to... Open Minded

• Immaturity to... Emotional Maturity

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• Control of Others to... Control of Self

• Rule-based Living to... Principle-based Living

• Fear-based Thinking to... Trust-based Thinking

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• Lack of Confidence to... Passion, Purpose, Skill and Wisdom

Try some pocket wisdom today… you’ll be certainly glad you did.

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