Pandora Podcast Free

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Pandora Podcast Free allows you to subscribe, download and play audio & video podcasts.

Easily get started by browsing Podcasters podcast directory. Once subscribed, episodes will start to download to the device. The download screen shows a list of currently downloading episodes as well as previously downloaded episodes with options to pause/cancel/delete as well as an option to purge all or purge all unplayed from the device. You can also see how much HD space you have used.

Now that you have subscribed, it's time to listen, just select a podcast and tap the Play button. The episode will stream if it's not downloaded. Want to start listening even faster, from your podcast list, tap and hold a podcast and after a second, the app will start to play the most current unplayed episode. We also include variable speed playback that is adjustable to custom rates. And if the episode has custom artwork or chapters, that will be displayed as well. Want to play video episodes in the background? You can do that just by sending Podcaster app to the background.

After you subscribe to a lot of feeds, you might want to group them into playlists, well we have you covered. There are several built in playlists but you can make your own. The last played playlist will appear on the top of you podcast list.

Besides being a really nice looking, simple to use app, Podcaster includes a lot of special touches and advanced features to make it a really awesome podcast player. This includes host information for podcasts, gesture controls for playback (Double tap to pause/play, swipe left/right to skip) and sharing with your friends.

Here is a list of features:

- Built-in podcast directory with categories, providers, suggestions, most popular, search and import.

- Playback Enhancements.

Variable-speed playback.

【免費工具App】Pandora Podcast Free-APP點子

Chapters for enhanced podcasts.

Gestures controls.

Dedicated skip buttons to jump over commercials.

【免費工具App】Pandora Podcast Free-APP點子

Airplay with second screen support

- Refresh all feeds at once. (This happens automatically when you open the app.)

- Resume automatically after interruptions.

【免費工具App】Pandora Podcast Free-APP點子

- Custom Playlists with options to show only downloaded, unplayed, video or audio or both with custom sort.

- Supports lock screen, task bar & headphone remote.

- Continues playback of video & audio episodes.

【免費工具App】Pandora Podcast Free-APP點子

- Supports password-protected feeds & episodes.

- Share via email, Facebook, Twitter and access to feed url.

【免費工具App】Pandora Podcast Free-APP點子

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