Password Lock Screen

【免費通訊App】Password Lock Screen-APP點子

Password Lock Screen app for Android, with animation of car to suite your choice. It allows you to switch off the screen, and lock the device.

Password Lock Screen features include:

1. Lock device with one touch

2. Animation when you lock

3. It will give help you to Lock the Mobile phone screen.

【免費通訊App】Password Lock Screen-APP點子

4. Easy to use.

Password Lock Screen is a playing lock screen to unlock your Android phone. This is a best screen lock App which shows up when you press your sleep/wake (power) button. All you have to do is to input correct password to unlock the screen.

This is the latest version of the Password Lock Screen for Android. Now you can unlock your Android device by password. This app actually works as a lock screen for your device. When you activate this as your lock screen, it will show up when you press wake/power button. Password Lock Screen is the best and free lock screen available in the Google Play.

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