Pear Bible KJV (King James)

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

Pear Bible KJV is a pretty electronic version of Bible that will help you to read this excellent book anywhere you go. You don’t need to carry heavy bible books with you any more, now everything you need is in your mobile device! You don’t need to download anything from internet, all texts of Bible KJV are accessible offline. SQLite database gives to the bible application very high performance in data search and usage. Amazing interface will help you to understand how to work with Pear Bible KJV from the first sight.

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【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

• King James Version (


) of Bible

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

• Old and New Testaments


access to the all components of the application

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

High performable

SQLite database engine lays in the basis of the app

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子



Daily Verse

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子


• Description for each book of Bible

• Bold font for proper nouns

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

Fonts support

• Themes support

• Variety of styles for verses

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

• Bookmarks and Notes for books and chapters

• Possibility to work with group of Notes and Bookmarks

• Possibility to mark book or chapter that you have read

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

• Copying text in the clipboard

• Gestures support

• Simple and user-friendly interface

• Flexibility of the application

【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

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【免費書籍App】Pear Bible KJV (King James)-APP點子

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