Pedometer:Pace Counter

【免費工具App】Pedometer:Pace Counter-APP點子

Distance measurment, PaceCounter


Free trial for 15 minutes.

After download, you can cancel the order within 15min

and it will not charge you.


Count your paces, calculate the distance you walk/jog/run while listening to music.

Most Accurate Distance Measurement. It is measured by your feet. How could it be inaccurate? .

【免費工具App】Pedometer:Pace Counter-APP點子

It's a smart pedometer, Music player, Stop-watch.

Advice from doctor, for the sake of health, everybody should walk at least 8,000 paces each day.

---user tips----

0. Do not let your device go into SLEEP mode! if so all sensors will quite working.

1. It starts counting after 10s to give you time to put the phone into your pocket or fix it in position.

2. You can adjust the Sensitivity, Pace-Length.

Sensitivity is inversely proportional to Movement.

large movement : low sensitivity

small movement : high sensitivity

set Sensitivity low if you put the phone into your shoes.

set Sensitivity high if you tire up the phone at your chest.

3. The Stop-Watch update every 0.1s

4. You can close app with the pace_counter continue to count (run in background) while you are walking. You can then listen to music. You can re-open the app to check the counts any time. BUT don't let your phone go into Sleep Mode, it may miss some count!

enable it to run in the background

【免費工具App】Pedometer:Pace Counter-APP點子

added a Stop-watch

===Privacy Policy===

We did not, do not and will not collect any personal data from our apps.

【免費工具App】Pedometer:Pace Counter-APP點子

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