The first

automatic All-In-One

tracker in the market! Track activity + fitness with

minimal battery drain




counts your walk steps 24/7

Sleep Tracker

detects how long you sleep last night with "Good Morning" greeting

Calorie Counter

recognizes your daily activity and counts calories burned automatically

Weight Tracker

tracks your weight loss and manages it easily with BMI calculator

Place Tracker

lifelog the places you visited with low battery impact (less than 5%)

Route Tracker

records how much you transport (drive) and shows routes on the map

Fitness Tracker

recognizes your motion of diverse exercises and sports (SQUAT, PUSH UP, SIT UP, HULA HOOP, JUMP ROPE, ELLIPTICAL, TREADMILL)


AUTOMATIC fitness tracker

(c.f., NorthPark, Runtastic pedometer, MapMyFitness GPS)

MINIMAL battery drain

(c.f., Moves and Nike+ Running)


, store data only in your phone(Moves)

100% FREE and NO external hardware required

(c.f., Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Polar flow)

ADVANCED motion recognition of exercises

(c.f., Fitbit, Moves, Runtastic)


• For sports and fitness trackers, please wear any ARMBAND with your phone and REPEAT the gestures at least 5 times

• In some phones, fitness tracker is not supported due to sensor and form factor limitation

• Pedometer for Nexus 5 and other latest phones uses hardware step counter for minimal battery consumption

• Weight loss tracking is not automatic, but manual. Click pencil icon to add your weight

• For sleep tracker, you don't have to put your phone in the bed (vs. Sleep as Android, SleepBot). Just act as usual.

SenseMe is currently beta version. We'd appreciate your feedback. Please, report bugs or request features to

. Have fun with SenseMe!








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