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Challenge your friends :)

PeekAPic is a mobile application and web service that allows you to create and play games in which the purpose of the game is to identify the picture that is hidden behind partly painted screen. With PeekAPic you can play and have fun with both your friends and random people or to practice by yourself.

PeekAPic is a great and challenging game, from AppGate company, that allowing you, not only to play the game, but to create games of your own using your own pictures, simultaneously play against multiple players (e.g. You can challenge several of your friends with the same game at the same time and see who will be the first to resolve it) and in any language that you choose!

Playing PeekAPic is fun and enjoying and allows you to have fun with your friends, meet new people from around the world, send funny e-cards to your loved ones, catching up on upcoming events and much more! With PeekAPic you can deliver any messages that you could think of in a fun new and innovative way!

PeekAPic is your new way of hanging out with your friends, meeting new people, showing of your new pictures and basically have fun!!

So what are you waiting?

Start PeekAPic'ing!

【免費拼字App】Peek A Pic-APP點子

【免費拼字App】Peek A Pic-APP點子

【免費拼字App】Peek A Pic-APP點子

【免費拼字App】Peek A Pic-APP點子

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