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Pencil Box Free v. 2.0

Draw an animated Valentine! Animate your drawings! Now you can draw animated images with Pencil Box Free!

Pencil Box Free can help you to create simple and complex multilayer pictures, larger than a screen of your Android device. You have a great opportunity to draw your own picture or create it from image JPEG or BMP file. It`s also possible to add extra layers, color them and save your results in JPEG image file.

Animation, zoom, multitouch, undo and file explorer are available!

Now the application works on devices with small memory and does not die on start up!

If you found a bug or you have ideas about improvement of Pencil Box Free, please send email to or leave a comment. Thanks.

The main features include:

- To create a blank picture with the resolution you need. A limit of width and height is no more than 10000 pixels. The limit of the pixels in one layer is no more than 1000000;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To add extra layers to a picture. Their limit depends on memory capabilities of Android device and resolution of picture;

- To set and reset a visibility of each layer;

- To set an active layer. The active layer is a layer where you are drawing your picture;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To delete a layers which you do not need anymore;

- To draw with a finger or a stylus on an active layer;

- To erase previous images from the active layer;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To select a color of virtual pen;

- To select a color of background;

- To select a width of virtual pen;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To move a picture inside device display in case of picture is larger than display;

- To show the whole image in case of picture is larger than display;

- To save all your work in file at memory card;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To open saved picture from file;

- To create a blank picture and to put an image from JPEG or BMP file into one of the pictures` layer;

- To transfer all layers of your picture to separate JPEG image files;

【免費媒體與影片App】Pencil Box Free-APP點子

- To transfer all visible layers of your picture to one JPEG file.

Ver. 1.1. An user interface is improved. Toolbars, seekbar and color palette are added. The sequence of drawing of the layers is set by the order of drawing now, which can be adjust by user.

Ver. 1.2. A Zoom toolbar is added. Now you can draw, erase, shift your picture with x2,x4 or x8 zoom. It's a good opportunity to draw the fine details of the picture!

Ver. 1.3. Undo and Redo actions for drawing and erasing, multitouch support for zoom and move actions are available.

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