'I just started to tap each circle like a little kid and hearing that I was actually creating music...'


A fun keyboard app which is designed especially for younger children as a ‘distractor’ to keep them busy while you’re busy either at home or when you are out and about. This child friendly keyboard app is designed to be easy to use as well as functional as needed to entertain children. In order to keep the app as easy to use as possible it uses the pentatonic scale ( which comprises of five notes. However the distinguishing feature of the pentatonic scale is that no notes sound harmonically bad together. The pentatonic scale is used lots in traditional music and on lots of traditional instruments.

If there are any bugs, questions or feature requests don't hesitate to email us at and if you like the app please rate it!


** Neon colour scheme


** Notes vibrate when pressed (If supported by your device)

** You can turn vibration off

** Notes expand when pressed

** Multiple instrument support: Piano, Marimba and Tubular Bells

** Easy share option

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