Peoples Parade

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

Peoples Parade is an application dedicated to the users of Facebook, it can allow you to vote, in total anonymity, the most loved and the most hated friends.

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

No more only "I like" but also "I do not like."

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

Make it clear to your friends, or presumed friends, if they really know their level of liking on Facebook.

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

Send them anonymous messages and start a "different" discussion from the usual.

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

Try to find out what it means and how it changes the relationship if you can say whatever you want to whoever you want.

【免費社交App】Peoples Parade-APP點子

You can also vote for the VIPS, divided by categories and try to view, real-time, the entire Facebook community opinion about something known.

You can only vote once, but you will be able to change your opinion when you want and watch live the results.

Hurry up and vote! Soon you will receive great news and new possibilities of interaction.

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