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PerfectGame Scout is a customized version of SportsBoard Chameleon specifically built for Perfect Game. Coaches and scouts who subscribe to Perfect Game's scouting service can use Perfect Game Scout to access the scouting service data on an iPad in an offline environment at a tournament or showcase to look up data previously only accessible via Perfect Game's web site.Perfect Game Scout has two modes: Scouting and Recruiting.SCOUTING MODE enables: -Full access to Perfect Game's scouting service database from player profile data to performance data measured at Perfect Game tournament and showcase events-Filtering capabilities to look up players by name, grad year, position, and performance dataRECRUITING MODE enables:-Coaches and scouts can also use Perfect Game Scout at Perfect Game tournaments and showcase events to leverage SportsBoard's core functionality which includes:-View the game schedule and view the games in which players you want to see are playing-Search for games based on date/time, assigned scout name, pool, venue, field #, games to watch, games already watched-View committed players highlighted in red to avoid spending time on them-Track players from prior research and easily identify them in the App via pool -Customize fields for rating skills or combine data (overhand throw speed, 20-yard dash, batted ball exit speed, etc.); even use the app's stopwatch feature instead of a hand-held-For any player:---Type notes and record voicememos ---Take a profile pic (when the athlete checks-in)---Take photos and video with voice-over using the iPad camera ---Capture pitch and spray chart data---Rate skills on a 1-5, 1-10, 20-80 or +/n/- system---Record combine results---View player profile, academic data---Search for players by Name, Team, Position, Jersey #, Grad Year, Height, GPA, Status, PoolAfter the event:-Sync scouting data to a secure server via a 3G or WiFi connection -Aggregate, organize and analyze data in you SportsBoard cloud account -Make better, faster, data-driven decisions about players to pursue

【免費運動App】Perfect Game Scout-APP點子

【免費運動App】Perfect Game Scout-APP點子

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