Perfect THAI Phrasebook

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

A simple to use interactive Thai language phrasebook with over 450 useful everyday phrases presented in Thai script, English transliteration and spoken audio.

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- 100% free from in-app advertising - now and forever!

- One-off download, no internet connection required

- Spoken audio samples for every phrase from a native Thai speaker

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Every phrase presented in Thai script with a specially developed English transliteration

- Additional language information in every category (for those wishing to take their Thai learning further)

- Search and save phrases

- One-touch zoom on all Thai scripts

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Optional added spaces to Thai scripts to aid reading

- Extra lists and tools to aid your Thai language skills

Over 450 useful everyday phrases divided into 13 categories:

- Meeting people

- Getting to know people

- Eating and drinking

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Staying in a hotel

- Language problems

- Going shopping

- Asking the way

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Travelling in Thailand

- Time and date

- Meeting the family

- Holidays and festivals

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Emergency!

- The weather


- Simple pronunciation guide

- Interactive grid of Thai consonants and vowels

- Easily accessible interactive time and number lists

【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

- Number translation tool (gives any number in Thai script with spoken audio, supports negative and decimal numbers)

- Time and date translation tool (gives any time and/or date in Thai script with spoke audio, supports Gregorian and Buddhist Era year formats).

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【免費教育App】Perfect THAI Phrasebook-APP點子

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