Period + Ovulation Calendar

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Elegant & simple, yet terribly clever. Tracks EVERYTHING! period, mood, sex, symptoms, fertility, cravings... With a password protect feature and a grapher! Highly customisable, no ads, no hidden fees.

App Features:

Period Calculator

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Predictions of periods using: simple average, alternating average, BMT, Mittelschmerz or cervical fluid data

Fertility Tracker or Ovulation Calculator

Predicts Fertility using 3 different methods: period, BMT, Mittelschmerz or cervical fluid data.

Mood Tracker

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Track your mood in your life context: e.g. Confidence at Work or Happiness in your Relationship

Symptom Tracker

Track your period pain, mood, cravings, bloating etc.


【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Plot any of your moods, symptoms, BMT, height or weight on the Grapher for comparison

Additional Features:

Motherhood Profiler

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Are you ready for a baby? If you’ve ever found yourself questioning how much you want to

have children or when might be an appropriate time, then check out this part of the app.

Life as a Mother stories

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

A collection of short stories from mothers about what it’s like for them to be a mother. The mothers range in age, number of children, age when having children and working status (full-time/unemployed etc) – you can search for stories of a particular type or hit a random choice!


You can password protect the app to protect your privacy


【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

Fully customisable app, comes with 2 themes: white and purple - both with elegant and simple designs.

All with... no ads, no hidden fees!

【免費健康App】Period + Ovulation Calendar-APP點子

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