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Get your financial life in order! The Personal Finance Guide contains everything you need to hang on to the money you earn and grow it for the future. With strategies for saving and investing, the guide explains how to measure your current financial health by looking at how much debt you carry, your savings rate, insurance instruments and investments. It describes how to approach your taxes, invest your retirement account, buy real estate, and avoid being the victim of identity theft. The guide is like having a personal financial advisor right in the palm of your hand.

Besides chapters on Getting Ready, Spending, Banking, Credit, Savings, Investing, Real Estate, Identity Theft, Insurance, Higher Education, Taxes, Scams, and Estate Planning, the Rampart Personal Finance Guide includes an extensive glossary that takes the mystery out of the thousands of financial terms.

Highlights include:

- Organizing your finances

- Analyzing your spending

- Determining your net worth

- Calculating your spendable income

- Setting up automatic bill pay

- Assessing your current debt

- Reducing your credit card interest rate

【免費財經App】Personal Finance Guide-APP點子

- Creating a credit card debt reduction plan

- Types of investments

- Investing in real estate

- Avoiding identity theft

- Calculating your life insurance needs

- Paying for college

- Paying less taxes

- Estate planning

- Hundreds of money-saving tips


"This app is very comparable to one of those personal finance books costing ten times more. And it's much easier to find the information that you are looking for. Highly recommended!"

【免費財經App】Personal Finance Guide-APP點子

D. Adamson of Fresno, CA

【免費財經App】Personal Finance Guide-APP點子

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