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What is Personal Financial Organizer (PFO)?

Personal Financial Organizer is a free android application for personal financial advising and management. It helps to manage your daily consumptions via expenses,incomes and to monitor your personal monthly cashflows.

Why another financial management application?

It is true that there are a lot of financial applications available on android market, but neither appropriate for average personal use. Some of them are not free, some have fancy unnecessary functionalities (i.e. statistic graphs which are more than less opaque and useless on mobile device,...) etc.

What are basic functionalities of PFO?

- Manage personal expenses and incomes

- Manage categories of expenses and incomes

- Plan schedulled and repeating expenses/incomes notified by android notification bar

- Cashflow statistics, calculations as monthly sums, averages, maximal expenses, ...

- Multi currency, different date formats,...

- Simple desktop widget

What is a future of PFO?

It depends on users feedback. If there will be positive reponses, we will develope application in advance. PFO can become personal financial advisor for any type of user. Moreover there are plans to divide incomes to active and passive, introduce deposit calculators, buying stocks and mutual funds, organize saving plans, multilanguage, advanced configurable desktop widgets...


I like PFO, how can i help?

To support further development:

- click advertisements in PFO or

- send us some comments, responses, advices... to

PFO Description

The main part of PFO is information table which has 4 different tabs: Home, Bilance, Categories, Details.

- Home, Bilance and Details tabs show current monthly statistics in a different perspectives (In case you want informations for history or some other period of time you should choose statistics menu)

- Categories tab shows your categories of expenses and incomes. In case you would like to add expense/income you must enter income/expense category first.

Pressing 'menu' button on android device, menu with additional functionalities will be displayed.

- Statistics: Here you can see sums and averages of historical consumptions for each month, and detailed statistisc for specific category in a custom period of time.

- Scheduler: Scheduler is used for expenses and incomes which will arrive in advance on repeating day of the month i.e. direct debits, deposits, salaries,...When you plan scheduler you must know at which day of the month planed expense/income will arrive. Moreover your must provide 'name' of scheduled expense/income and 'validity date' which is a date until expenses/incomes will be repeated. Its default value is set to 1 year.

When you successfully plan scheduler, incoming expense/income will be shown in Home tab (see Incoming scheduled expense/income...). At the day when expense/income will arrive, the dollar icon in upper notification bar of android will be shown (see figure 4 below). In that case you can postpone it or confirm it. In case of confirmation, it will be recorded in monthly statistics.

- PFO Widget: Shows sum of expenses and incomes for current month. Provides two buttons for adding expense or income. Widget is refreshing its content in interval of 20 s.

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

【免費財經App】Personal Financial Organizer-APP點子

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