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Personal Info Keeper for iPhone (iPIK) is an application for those who appreciate their time and want to safely store, organize and access different types of personal information in the most convenient way. Use the application to store items such as URLs, passwords, account information, credit card numbers, postal addresses, or other text.Main features:- Store different types of data. The different types of items you can use to store your personal data are URL, password, and text.- Support for multiple private data files.- Password management. Passwords can be generated based on your own rules, optionally stored in an encrypted format, and easily retrieved when required.- Organize data. Related data can be stored in the same folder. For example, all the information about a credit card account can be kept in one folder for easy access.- Data security. You can restrict access to your personal data with a master password which iPIK will use to strongly encrypt the data.- Recycle bin. This provides a safety net when deleting items or folders as you can restore them back to their original location.- Search facility. This facility allows you to easily locate data being stored.- Ability to use iTunes to exchange private data files with a PC. This allows you to backup your private data, initialize your iPIK private data file with one you have created using Personal Info Keeper for Windows, and to synchronize your private data between iPIK and Personal Info Keeper for Windows.

【免費生產應用App】Personal Info Keeper-APP點子

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