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Peter Schafrick is a specialist within the world of commercial photography, shooting mainly product with a special affinity towards liquids. He has a passion for producing unique images using the finest cameras and equipment available. 

His style is unique in the industry - having developed a clean, modern sense of vision - capturing unique and dynamic forms of liquids in motion.

Peter's editorial, personal and advertising work have won him accolades and recognition the world over, and his clients are among the world's leading brands. 

Peter lives in Toronto with his architect wife, and two young children. Clients enjoy shooting in his large, elegant studio in Toronto, and he also travels extensively to NYC and Germany to shoot.

Peter has released this app to showcase exclusive content and hopes that clients, fans, peers, and art enthusiasts will enjoy receiving regular updates.

【免費攝影App】Peter Schafrick Photography-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Peter Schafrick Photography-APP點子

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