Pets To The Rescue

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Pets are out best friends and we love them. Sometimes they do even Rescue Us! Its amazing what pets do to make our lives beautiful! Check out the videos to see why everyone loves Pets! Enjoy the videos and feel the love. New Pet Rescue Video every time you open the app! Happy Happy Merry Merry!

Best Android Pet Rescue ME! Merry Edition! Great photo and game of Pet Rescue ME! This game is so easy but super fun!

There are 3 Games too!

Game 1-Memory Game. Unfold the block to match similar picture

【免費解謎App】Pets To The Rescue-APP點子

Game 2-Puzzle Game. Swift each block to the correct place!.

Game 3-Block Game. Change the block to fit each other.

Once you have completed each level, you will love this game very much.

Tip on Scoring:


The more block you clear, the more score you will get.

We have put the best collection of videos of Pet Rescue ME!

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