Pets vs Orcs

【免費策略App】Pets vs Orcs-APP點子

Evil Orcs have kidnapped your Puppies and Kittens - it is time to get them back!

Evil Orcs have kidnapped your Puppies, Kittens and Baby Turtles - it is time to get them back! Build your very own Pet village and train your Pets for combat.

Battle the Orcs and return the little ones home safely!

★ Build a lively and cute Pet village, visualized in colorful 3D graphics

【免費策略App】Pets vs Orcs-APP點子

★ Train your troops of Cats, Dogs, Turtles and Bears to battle the Orcs with you

★ Engage in hilarious and thrilling combats with the Orcs

★ Tens of exciting quests, dozens of buildings to build

Our battle system is tactically interesting, but yet so simple to use that its enjoyable for everyone regardless of age or gender. Choose the right Pets to overpower the enemy troops and lead your Pets to victory!

【免費策略App】Pets vs Orcs-APP點子

As the home front is just as important as the battlefield, you will need to take care of your village, expand it with buildings and make it thrive to support your troops’ advancement on Orcish territory.

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