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A company that is providing non-stop services to its valued customer for more than a decade. It is not only that we have established our credibility among our valuable clients but also the applicants have equal faith in our fair dealings. Registered with Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Labor and Manpower, Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment. Member of PAKISTAN OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT PROMOTERS ASSOCIATION. Member of The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and industry. We have our own test centers and excellent selection staff which select quality manpower. We have a special TERRORIST SCREENING COMMITTEE, which screens & investigates any terrorist element with the help of Local POLICE, FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY, NATIONAL DATABASE & REGISTRATION AUTHORITY and INTELLIGENCE BUREAU of PAKISTAN. We offer a guaranteed service and have thousands of satisfied customers. This is the reason that people travel long distance to visit our office and register them for future openings. This has helped us to maintain a vast databank having a variety of highly skilled, semi skilled and unskilled personnel all the time ready to meet urgent requirements of our clients.

The mission of Phalia International, is to become the most reliable and creative brand management company, producing a wide range of quality product and services.We aim to provide our customers with perfection of craftsmanship and paying to details of work throughout the process.

PHALIA INTERNATIONAL is duly authorized Saudi Visa processing company in Pakistan

If your are a job-seeker and in search of a better career, you have reached at the right place.

【免費商業App】Phalia International-APP點子

We don’t charge any registration fee. You are always welcome to send your Bio-Data through mail or send us an email for free registrations & to receive frequent job offers.

【免費商業App】Phalia International-APP點子

Your Selection will mainly depend upon the information provided by you in your Bio-Data. You would be informed on your given email against email entry.

Our local division is serving the local job seeker in providing quality services with in all of the major cities of Pakistan.

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