Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

This animated live wallpaper reacts to your movements revealing a deep world within.

Inspired by the Phase Beam live wallpaper bundled with Android 4.0, this new take on an old favorite adds a new liveliness to your home screen.

Try the free version before buying!


This version includes:

Custom Particle Colors Both Bubbles and Lines

Multiple Background Gradients with custom color options

Bubble Count Option - Adjust number of particles on the screen. (More bubbles than ever before)

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Bubble Type Option - Switch between 3 Bubble types

Speed Option - Adjust how fast the particles move (while phone is still)

Depth Option - Adjust sensor effectiveness

Mode Option - Decide how particles react when moving device

Increased App size is due to larger resources for high-res devices


【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Try the free version includes:

Blue Bubble color theme

Mode Option - Decide how particles react when moving device

I hope you enjoy sporting this as much as I enjoyed making it!

**Note: With all of the great phones out there it is impossible to test on all of them. If our app doesn't work on your device, let us know. We will do our best to get it running for you!

!----Change Log----!

//Version 1.3.2

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Corrected an orientation change issue where particles would not maintain proper shape

//Version 1.3

Background gradients

Custom Background Colors

Bubble Particles can be different colors than Narrow Particles

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Removed most of the Stock Theme backgrounds (There are few still in there). Now using gradients

// Version 1.2.2

Decreased chance of permanently overlapped particles.

// Version 1.2.1

Fixed motion sensor on devices without gyroscope! (Sorry about that one. I didn't have a test device until recently)

Minor fixes to preferences

// Version 1.2

Added Zero Depth option to disable motion sensing

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Added alpha channel slider in color picker. (Now allows for black particles)

Added Grey Scale background for all of the minimalists out there.

Fixed text matching background in settings on some Gingerbread devices

// Version 1.1.1

Fixed black screen on first launch

// Version 1.1

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Revamped Settings for more customization!

Added Color Picker for Bubbles

Added Background chooser (limited to included background for now)

Added Bubble Type selection

// Version 1.0

Initial release

【免費個人化App】Phase Bubble Live Wallpaper-APP點子

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