Phone Lock

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Stop procrastination now! Lock away phone distractions with a timer lock and finally get to work.

Ever find yourself wasting too much time on your phone - playing games, browsing facebook or wandering the internet - while that project is put off later and later? Said you'd stop five minutes ago? Still there?

Waste NO more time with Phone Lock! Lock away phone distraction for up to 24 hours and get peace of mind while you finish what's important - without the temptation of angrybirds, templerun or twitter. Regain control over your life, download Phone Lock Full now!

+Full phone lock (similar to toddler lock)

【免費工具App】Phone Lock-APP點子

+Timer for duration

+Optional call blocker

+Productivity at last

// Try Phone Lock FREE with our new Phone Lock "Trial" version.

【免費工具App】Phone Lock-APP點子

Possible side effects: Cured addiction, extra sleep, career success, finished homework, happy boss/teacher, saved time, sanity. Use at own risk.

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