Phone Manager (Ad Free)

【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

Phone Manager allows you to manage your Phone settings at one place.

Here are the features it has

1.Profile Manager -Switch between (Normal/Silent/Vibrate) modes

【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

2.Three volume buttons for Phone,Alarm and Music - Switch between (Mute/Medium/Maximum) volumes

3.Bluetooth (on//off)

4. Wi-Fi (on/off)

【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

5.Auto Sync (on/off)

6.Mobile Data (on/off)

7.Flash Light (on/off)

【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

8.Screen Brightness (Minimum/Medium/Maximum/Auto)

Also this app will not run in background and chew up memory and battery.

Once opened and you click the correct option you need,it gets the job done and then close .

To turn off message when you change phone feature ,disable the Show Text option under Menu /Settings.

【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

You can also install the app on your external SD card.

For any help please refer to this site

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【免費工具App】Phone Manager (Ad Free)-APP點子

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