PhoneGap API Demo by MDS

【免費工具App】PhoneGap API Demo by MDS-APP點子

All of the current PhoneGap APIs are demonstrated in this app. Test drive the PhoneGap JavaScript APIs on your own Android Device.

Mobile Developer Solutions currently offers two tools for developing PhoneGap for Android apps: an Eclipse Plugin and a Cloud Solution. This is the default PhoneGap example app and template for both AppLaud Eclipse Plugin and AppLaud Cloud - full source code is available.

MDS wrote and maintains this demo app, which is also used for PhoneGap Training. MDS uses the latest versions of PhoneGap (soon-to-be-renamed Cordova) and provides video and written tutorials to get you up to speed on PhoneGap quickly.

If you feel this app does not perform correctly or look nice on your device, please email a description of the problem or join the support forum. A version implemented with jQuery Mobile is also offered (shown in the demo video).

Demo Video:

PhoneGap (Cordova):

【免費工具App】PhoneGap API Demo by MDS-APP點子

AppLaud Eclipse Plugin for PhoneGap / Android: (Intro Video)

AppLaud Cloud and AppLaud App:

【免費工具App】PhoneGap API Demo by MDS-APP點子

【免費工具App】PhoneGap API Demo by MDS-APP點子

免費玩PhoneGap API Demo by MDS APP玩免費

免費玩PhoneGap API Demo by MDS App

PhoneGap API Demo by MDS APP LOGO

PhoneGap API Demo by MDS LOGO-APP點子

PhoneGap API Demo by MDS APP QRCode

PhoneGap API Demo by MDS QRCode-APP點子
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