With smartphones getting smarter and companies wanting more and more information about you it gets more and more important to protect that information. That's where PhoneKontrol comes in. With a simple text message you can lock your phone, get it's location, remotely wipe your device, AND MORE! Prevent a thief from getting away with your life!

Using the administrator password, you can use any phone and send text messages to your phone to control it. If it gets stolen, you can even remotely wipe your phone to delete all of your data before the thief can get his hands on it! You can also set up permissions for other phone numbers to be able to control the parts of your phone that you give them access to.

Smartphones are becoming a very big part in burglaries. Don't let your phone be part of that statistic. Get PhoneKontrol now!

SMS Functions:

---GPS - Uses the phone's GPS to get the exact coordinates of where the phone is located.

---CALL - Will directly call the number that was provided in the SMS message to act as a "bug" and to listen in on what is going on around the phone.

---LOCK - Instantly locks the phone's screen.

---ALARM - Activates an alarm, even when all sounds are turned off, and plays until turned off or a minutes since it was started.

---RESET - Remotely wipe your device. The app will ask you to confirm that you want to do this so you will end up sending 2 SMS messages to remotely wipe your device. Also only the Administrator can wipe their device.

How to use these functions:


ALWAYS start each SMS message with "pk:"




pk:[password]:call:[10 digit number to call]








pk:1234:reset -- app will send an SMS asking you to confirm you want to do this -- pk:1234:yes


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