Phonic Tricksters

【免費教育App】Phonic Tricksters-APP點子

Tricksters have escaped from Our Discovery Island and are stealing letter-sounds from the English Bank of Phonemes! Only you can catch them, using a fun, innovative and immersive Augmented Reality chase game - and by testing your knowledge of phonics.

Catch two Tricksters for free, or make a single in-app purchase to buy six more - now at a special introductory price.


- Chase Phonic Tricksters in Augmented Reality, using your Phone camera

- Catch Tricksters by taking a photo

【免費教育App】Phonic Tricksters-APP點子

- Stop Tricksters from escaping by answering a phonics question

- Includes 20 letter-sounds

- A flashcard-plus-audio quiz reinforces your child’s phonics confidence

【免費教育App】Phonic Tricksters-APP點子

- Innovative integration of animation with Augmented Reality - make learning phonics fun, by chasing Tricksters around your living room or classroom!

This educational phonics app from Pearson English is designed to boost children’s recognition of letter-sounds. Working to save 20 key sounds from the clutches of the mischievous Tricksters, you will have fun learning English with Phonic Tricksters.

【免費教育App】Phonic Tricksters-APP點子

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