Phonics & Literacy

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An ideal tool for anyone connected to the primary curriculum whether you are a newly qualified teacher (NQT) or experienced classroom practitioner.

This app is a handy one-stop guide to terms that you are likely to be using on a regular basis when teaching phonics and literacy.

How To Use:

Simply scroll through the list of terms that are shown in the app.

【免費教育App】Phonics & Literacy-APP點子

When you have your chosen term highlighted in the middle of the screen, tap it and be taken straight to the meaning.

Click the home button to return to the main list of terms.

Notebook feature;

【免費教育App】Phonics & Literacy-APP點子

Click the notebook icon to write a personal note that will remain in the app until you clear it.

Bookmark feature:

When you have read a meaning that you would like to refer back to regularly, simply click the bookmark icon to save it for the future. You can return straight to that page when you click the bookmark icon again from the main screen.

We hope that you find this app useful and informative - and if you have any questions or comments, then please send an email to

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