Phosimgo copy contacts Pro

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

No for CDMA phones.

Phosimgo is the only Android application, today, to Copy, Move and Delete contacts to and from Phone, Sim card and DIFFERENT Google account.

Phosimgo means Phone – Sim – Google.

In detail Phosimgo allows you to move and / or copy contacts with only one click:

• From Phone to Sim;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• From Phone to any Google account;

• From any Google account to Sim card;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• From any Google account to Phone;

• From Sim to any Google account;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• From Sim to Phone;

• Export all contacts on excel file;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• Send all contacts exported for email;

• Import contacts from excel file.

Other features:

• Delete the selected contacts from each address book (Phone, Google and Sim);

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• Synchronize the 3 address book giving evidence of contacts missing;

• Copy and / or Move photos of the contacts selected;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• Copy and / or Move contacts to and from any Google Account.

• Calculation of the maximum capacity of the SIM card.

Phosimgo uses the OAuth protocol for the authentication on Google without storing passwords on device.

With Phosimgo you can:

• Copy the selected contacts on the Google address book of a friend or relative;

【免費工具App】Phosimgo copy contacts Pro-APP點子

• Copy the Google address book of a friend or relative on your phone or on your Sim card;

• Make backup copies of your address book on any number of Google accounts;

• Delete contacts with one click from the phone, Google or Sim card.

With free version you can manage a fix number of contacts.

Before buying the full version, you can check the compatibility of your phone with Phosimgo downloading and using the free version.

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