Photo Background Changer

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Changer-APP點子

This is an application for change your photo background or erase unwanted part of your photo and change background.

Are you not like present your photo background, then download "Photo Background changer" application and change your photo backgrounds.


1. You can select photo from Gallery or capture from Camera.

2. you can crop selected image.

3. You can change eraser size.

4. You can change eraser distance from finger touch position using eraser effect option.

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Changer-APP點子

5. You can change photo backgrounds.

6. You can save final image in sdcard.(ex: sdcard/BackgroundChanger/BackgroundChanger234.png).

How to use:

1.Select image from gallery or camera.

2. crop selected image.

3. erase background image by touch and drag on image.

4. Press done button and place final image on new background.

5. Adjust your photo on new background.

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Changer-APP點子

6. Save final image.

5. see yours files using "view files" option.

This application is completely free.

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Changer-APP點子

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