Photo Background Editor Pro

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Editor Pro-APP點子

Change your Photo Backgrounds with this Photo Background Editor Pro, and make your photo looks like you in another places that you never been before.

Photo Background Editor is easy to use interface and this is the application feature :

1. Select photo to edit or you can use your mobile camera.

2. Crop selected images.

3. You can rotate the images as you like.

4. Easy erasing tool with Cursor Offset.

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Editor Pro-APP點子

5. Erase using your finger tip.

6. Add background with choose it from application galery or your own images.

7. Place the edited photo, you can move it using your finger tip.

8. Opacity, Brightness, Contrast, and another photo editor tool to make your photo so perfect,

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Editor Pro-APP點子

9. Save it or shared it with your friend.

Easy to change Photo Backgrounds with this Photo Background Editor Pro. This is the real Photo Background Changer and you don't need a tutorial of some Photo Editor.

【免費攝影App】Photo Background Editor Pro-APP點子

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