Photo Over Lab

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

Photo Over Lab is a professional editor, which built all the modern tools for working with photos, as well as they are super intuitive.

The basis of Moment Kam is a professional photo editor from Aviary. In this application you will find all the best application for editing photos, you only use the standard menu on the left to leave.

With the editor Moment Kam you can turn the picture into a masterpiece, just use the capabilities of our editor:

✮ Cool funny stickers, original frame

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

✮ Adjusts the color balance

✮ Cut the required size of the photo and turn on as many degrees as you need.

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

✮ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation

✮ Write your original photos

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

✮ Bleach and polish picture

✮ Apply cosmetic effects

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

✮ Remove any defects.

We have tried to accommodate all application, you might need to create your own MEM:

✮ Adding stickers on the image (mustache, beard, hair, mask Robocop, Spider-Man, etc.)

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

✮ photo frame for lovers, and many others

✮ The ability to replace the face of the hero to his or apply suit

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

Why not combine both into one image andnow you can; with Afterlights.

Afterlighty can make any dul photos an eye-catching and vibrant and beautiful piece of art, with this app you get full creative control on what to add/remove.

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

Zoom into your image to add precise detail and change the size of your brush to fits your needs with Afterlight free..

Varity of all modern tool in android worlds will be in you mind with Afterlight camera.

【免費攝影App】Photo Over Lab-APP點子

Сrop, brightness, beautifing, Lighterings defects, red eye removing and all your imaginations. this is main advantage of Afterlight Editing app.

All photos setting are very usable. All color effects can be applied very quickly. You only need to install Afterlight app free.

The best convinient system getting user experience based on Aviary is in Afterlight Photo Editor.

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